Bad Girls Club Season 6 Priview and Photo

Bad Girls Club Season 6 Priview and Photo

Who is ready for more drama filled divas try to keep their place in the Bad Girls Club?
"Bad Girls Club" is back and looks worse than ever in these two exclusive casting clip.
Season 6 takes place in Hollywood and the claws come next Monday (January 10) of oxygen at 09.00 EST! with a new batch of troublemakers, including Jessica (aka "Naked Girl") and Kori ("I'm loud, I'm crazy, I'm wild, I am down, I know how to party.")
These are the new participants for the season 6:
* Charmaine "Char" Warren from Chicago, Illinois is her nickname "CEB", 27 years. * Jade Bennett from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, her nickname "The Party Diva", with 22 years * Jessica Rodriguez of Chicago, Illinois, her nickname "The Mouth", with 22 years of age. * Kori Koether from Phoenix, Arizona, her nickname "Botox Barbie", with 21 years of age. * Lauren Spears of Lexington, Kentucky, her nickname "Southern Spitfire," at age 21. * Nikki Galladay from Annandale, New Jersey, her nickname "The Prankster", with 22 years of age. * Sydney Steinfeldt of Dallas, Texas, her nickname "Sexy Siren" age of 21.

In the clips show the ladies some tidbits about themselves, including the fact that Kori has her breast surgery renewed because they wanted "the wrong view." Meanwhile, Jessica invites haters, because "as long as they keep hate you, do something correct."

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