McCaughey Septuplets

McCaughey Septuplets

Today's Curry follows McCaughey septuplets  | - McCaughey septuplets's (born 19 November 1997) are born a set of septuplets, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Ann "Today" show Curry covered the McCaughey family of seven children of the world's first surviving septuplets, since she arrived on the media radar in November 1997. Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey parents made the cover of Time magazine in December 1997, a few weeks after childbirth. And the personal struggle of the family resonance not only with the public discussion, but also raised and the debate on drug use against infertility.

The arrival of the septuplets also called for supporters, gifts for home McCaughey crucial fight for parents with the challenge to fill seven new mouths to help. The gifts included a large new house, a minivan and a two-year supply of diapers. The state of Iowa has also offered children a free education at a state university after graduating from high school.

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